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Origin Story

I was born into a family of women who have a deep connection with Land. My great grandmother was a gladiolus grower in Michoacan Mexico, along with tending to fruit trees, honey bees, and cattle. She really did it all!  I grew up visiting this beautiful Rancho and listening to stories about my great grandparents and their time working and creating a life closely intertwined with nature. These visits instilled in me an immense love for all living beings. At a young age I realized we owe it all to the Elements and our Ancestors, that without them life is dull and IMPOSSIBLE. Growing up I always felt so humbled by flowers & the great spiritual & cultural importance they carry, Dahlias, Amaranth, Marigold & Zinnia are some of my Ancestral Plant Relatives who I continue to grow with and hold space for at Fibershed's Learning Center on Black Mt. Ranch in Point Reyes & my home garden in the San Geronimo Valley.

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