Origin Story

I was born into a family of women who have a deep connection with Land. My great grandmother was a gladiolus grower in Michoacan Mexico, along with tending to fruit trees, honey bees, and cattle. She really did it all!  I grew up visiting this beautiful Rancho and listening to stories about my great grandparents and the life they shared with the Land. These visits instilled in me an immense love for Nature. At a young age I realized we owe it all to the Elements, that without them life is dull and IMPOSSIBLE! This love of beauty has been passed down through generations. Coming from a culture where flowers are of great spiritual importance this floral journey has been Soul healing! Marigold, Dahlia, Celosia, Amaranth & Zinnia are some of my Ancestral Plant Relatives that I continue to cultivate and hold space for today at Fibershed's Learning Center on Black Mt. Ranch in Point Reyes and my home garden in the San Geronimo Valley.